Season Forecast: Booking the best possible charter days for the 2019 season

Charter captains and guides consistently catch fish because they spend a ton of time on the water and understand the patterns our fishy friends follow during specific times of the year. So, odds are good that when you head out on a charter or guided trip, you'll catch some fish.But do you want just good fishing? Or …

Past Report: October ebb tide

Success in October is a narrow beam of light. Urgency. Last round. You don’t have to leave but you probably should before the month is over, because the bass are few and the weather is usually less than ideal.

We press out into the full moon night with two hours of darkness ahead of us. It’s muggy for October and the boat pushes soundlessly through the water; dirty yellow circus lights from the powerplant to the starboard, clean moonlight refracting the still water to the port.

Past Report: May Blooms

The dandelions bloom, and then the forsythias, and any old salt will tell you that with each of these spring occurrences come tautog and of course, striped bass. May tides and longer, warmer days produce different types of blooms—clouds of near-microscopic phytoplankton and subsequently, zooplankton. Suddenly appearing to indulge in the Spring bounty are massive …