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Report: Cape Cod Searun Brook Trout

Geoff seemed to have a sixth sense about spots where fish would be lurking, and he was usually right. Despite popping off the first brookie I had on the line, I quickly learned the tactics required to successfully hook and land these fish as we made our way downstream.

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This is spring

This is spring. This is the beginning of something. Work’s busy but I sneak out early, speeding down 195, shoving a granola bar into my mouth while narrowly avoiding speed traps and potential ten car pileups. At the state forest, I pull down an unmarked dirt road; overgrown even in the dead landscape of early […]

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Tactics and Gear: 12 Tips for stripers in Plymouth/Duxbury Bay

While it may not hold the promise of big fish on every outing like some other popular Cape Cod Bay striper locations, the light tackle and topwater fishing opportunities in the Three Bays are spectacular, even world-class. The bay is dynamic and complex and features almost every type of striper structure that we find in the Northeast. It’s a totally unique location. And most importantly, it holds lots of striped bass.

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Tactics and Gear: Fly fishing

Listen, I’m by no means a #flygod (although someday I will be). In the timeline of fly rod immortality, I’m a mere babe. But I’ve put enough time in where I can preach the steps to becoming a respected angler on the river or flats. Before my acceptance of the fly gods, the old and the […]

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Steve Culton, Guide and Fly Tyer, Seven Stripes Podcast

Today, we chat with fly fishing extraordinaire, Steve Culton. Steve is a guide, fly tyer and acclaimed fly fishing writer, with works published in Field & Stream, American Angler, The Flyfish Journal, The Drake and Flyfishing & Tying Journal.  We talk (the sometimes technical) trout fishing on the Farmington, catching stripers on the fly year-round, and using […]

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Fish Stories: Hooked

“Meet at the dock at 5 a.m.”

Or at least that was the plan. It was late May, and the first reports of migrating striped bass in Plymouth Bay were making their way around the local fishing community.

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Past Report: October ebb tide

Success in October is a narrow beam of light. Urgency. Last round. You don’t have to leave but you probably should before the month is over, because the bass are few and the weather is usually less than ideal.

We press out into the full moon night with two hours of darkness ahead of us. It’s muggy for October and the boat pushes soundlessly through the water; dirty yellow circus lights from the powerplant to the starboard, clean moonlight refracting the still water to the port.

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