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Weekend Warrior: New moon, new you

This is the week, peeps. Listen, I know the fishing has been very hit or miss so far this season. But the new moon will continue bringing new schools of large stripers into our waters. It’s just about where they’ll show up. While I don’t want to contribute to the zoo that has been the Big Ditch […]

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Report: The cows have come home

Fishing is all about expectations. As we pulled away from the Gurnet to steam across the Bay, false dawn still hanging heavy in the air, with an empty livewell, my expectations were low. My low expectations for the day, it turned out, would end up being wildly wrong. The striper season has been hit-or-miss so […]

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Fish Stories: August Topwater Mayhem

It took some time, but I finally convinced my fiancé, Gelany, to fish on the boat with me at a relatively fishing-centric hour. No, we didn’t catch the pre-dawn bite. We didn’t even get the dawn bite. But we did have lines in the water at a respectable 6:30am, (which, she still complained was still […]

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Past Report: June New Moon

Something strange happens around the new moon in June. The waters off Cape Cod, already full of migrating and year-of-young life, explode in a cacophony of energy. The bay becomes crowded. It’s a time of year in which you’d do almost anything to get just a few hours out on that new summer ocean. Alarms […]

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