Larry Wentworth of Big Fish Bait Company, Podcast

In this podcast, I sit down with Larry Wentworth to talk plugs. We chat about beat-up plug mojo, the intricacies of getting bass to bite in skinny water, and why everyone should be kayaking fishing for stripers.

Check out Big Fish Bait Company on Facebook and keep an eye on that feed. Larry regularly lists his plugs for sale there.

Seven Stripes Podcast episode 8, Larry Wentworth of Big Fish Bait Company

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Billy Mitchell

4 thoughts on “Larry Wentworth of Big Fish Bait Company, Podcast

  1. Bill thanks for coming by the shop! Had a great time talking with you that day! You have a real talent for podcasts keep up the great work and thanks for having BigFish Bait Co. on your podcast!

  2. Loved the pod cast Larry’s plug are my number 1 producer for the last 4 seasons looking forward to you future pod casts

  3. Given James’s level of performance as an angler, that means hundreds of stripers had the rude surprise that Larry’s lures didn’t taste as fishy as they looked. Great interview, it adds a whole new dimension to know the person who crafted our gear.

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