Weekend Fishing Round-Up

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Well, for those of you still waiting on the starter’s gun, those big June bass feeding on top finally showed up in the Cape Cod Bay haunts last week. And it was quite the bite. Big bass were pushing mackerel and herring up onto the shoals. We started the morning throwing ’em live macks, but once we found the surface bite, we switched over to artificals. Doc Spook and Guppy 3.5oz plugs were the winners.

Jonny Mack cheesin’ with his personal best
Mark battled through some Mal de Mer from the big seas to land multiple personal best stripers throughout the morning

Fish ranged from 26″ all the way up to 32-pounds. It’s pretty rare to find a school of fish this willing to follow and hit topwater plugs. We tripled up a few times and we caught on nearly every cast. Big bass followed the plugs on every retrieve. It was incredible. This is a scenario where you just have to sit back and take it all in, as it only happens a few times a season.

Topwater action seemed to get better when the seas laid down. And lay down they did. That ride across the Bay and the first hour of drifting was pretty brutal. But she flattened right out as the morning wore on.

Chris was on the bass all morning with Doc Spooks and Sebiles

We also found some killer topwater feeds in Plymouth, with bass up to small keeper size feeding on squid, mackerel, and bay anchovies. This is what we like to see in Plymouth! This blitz happened early in the incoming tide as the water came over the flats. This, as you can imagine, is a pretty productive tidal stage to fish in the Three Bays.

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Billy Mitchell

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