Joe and Greg Cordeiro talk Flatwing Fishing, Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with Joe and Greg Cordeiro of Flatwing Fishing to talk all things flatwings. We plan out the 2021 striper season, talk flatwing tying strategies, and get insight into how to cook up the perfect flatwing saddle. At the end, you’ll hear the first ever fly draft that goes off the rails very quickly.

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Billy Mitchell

One thought on “Joe and Greg Cordeiro talk Flatwing Fishing, Podcast

  1. Always entertaining to listen to Joe and son.Thank You Joe for all you’ve done to keep the flatwing alive.I was laughed at back many years ago when I was buying up lots of Kennys saddles.Now they are just plain gold.
    Forgot,thank you Bill for putting this and the other podcasts together.

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