The Fight for Red Brook, Warren Winders and Geof Day, Podcast

Through the recent restoration and conservation efforts of Southeastern MA Trout Unlimited, The Lyman Reserve Trustees, and other like-minded organizations, Red Brook in Wareham MA has flourished into one of the only streams in Massachusetts with a thriving and sustaining sea run brook trout population. An attempt to change zoning laws adjacent to the preserved land could threaten the future of the stream.

Last month, the Wareham Planning Board voted to recommend a proposed  hospitality, recreation, and entertainment District zoning change. The zoning change now goes to a town vote, which will occur Saturday, April 10 at a special town meeting on the Wareham high school field. The zoning change needs a 2/3 majority to be passed.

In this episode, Warren Winders of SE MA Trout Unlimited and Geof Day of the Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition dive into the history of Red Brook, discuss what makes the sea run brook trout in this stream so special, and outline the steps we need to take to stop the proposal for commercial development to save Red Brook and the salters.

Make sure to check out the episode we did with Geoff Klane of Brackish Flies for a full discussion on salter biology, angling opportunities, and other fun stuff.

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