The History of Striped Bass Management, Brad Burns, Fred Jennings Stripers Forever, Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with Brad Burns, longtime president of Stripers Forever, and Fred Jennings of Peak Dawn Anglers to talk about the history of striped bass management. This is a great conversation with two anglers and longtime conservation leaders who have an immense amount of experience dealing with striped bass and management practices, and will hopefully provide some context to the current struggles the striped bass is experiencing.

Note: This is not a “bash ASMFC and anyone who isn’t a vehement C&R only angler” type of episode. Sorry to disappoint. This is meant to be a conversation surrounding the history of how striped bass have been managed, some of the history and innerworkings of ASMFC, and a call to action about what we can do right now to save the stock.

Photo: Alex Ridgeway

Billy Mitchell

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