Weekend Warrior: We’re back

Okay, okay, so I may not do any fishing this weekend. And there may not be any fishing to report on yet. But who cares! Really, I’m just writing this thing to tell you how excited I am that we’ve finally entered the month of March and that fishing season is on our doorstep. Trout are being stocked next week! Holdover stripers are getting active in that estuary down the road from you! Largemouth and Smallmouth bass are feasting at ice out. You (and I) need to get out there ASAP.

How are you holding up? Did you survive the offseason? Are you one of those crazies who fishes just as much in February as you do in June (you know who you are). Or are you like me who has been spending way too much time and money buying new stuff, organizing tackle trays, re-lining reels, tying jigs, tying flies, buying new stuff (yes I said that a second time for emphasis)… My office is a mess of opened boxes, packing materials, and cut bucktail. It’s a problem. But a good problem.

I’ve been busy getting all new setups together for freshwater, inshore, and tuna. This year, we’re rolling all Daiwa (Saltist Back Bays and Saltist MQs) and Douglas Rods. For tuna, we’re rolling all Daiwa. On the fly side of things, I’ve got the Douglas Sky G 8-weight that has been my go-to for quite literally any inshore application. I’m working on a blog that outlines the whole arsenal. Keep an eye out for that. Head over to Fish Northeast and get your spring checklist all done.

If you like the podcast (and if you’re not caught up, check it out, rate and subscribe), go buy some stuff from our sponsors, Fish Northeast, Douglas Rods, and Easymoc. Tell them 7S sent you. I’ll never ever charge for the podcast, so supporting these companies goes a long way in keeping this thing up and running (buying a hat doesn’t hurt either). We’re rolling through the offseason and Spring with a few podcasts every month, and we have some great guests lined up. Don’t miss it.

Lastly, I’m looking for bloggers and other content creators for this season. Let me know if you’re interested! Looking for people who can write and speak with a unique voice and have a hold over some piece of the fishery in the Northeast. Reach out to sevenstripesfishing@gmail.com if you’re interested in doing some content.

Come hang out at the ASGA Road Show next week, Wednesday March 9th at Stellwagen Brewery. I’ll be there. Should be a great time to learn about what ASGA is doing to help save the striper stock, and what we can do as the everyday angler. You have to pre-register to go so head over to their Instagram and sign up.

That’ll do it. Boat cover comes off soon. Hopefully my waders aren’t leaking. Do I need to buy another intermediate fly line? Should I tie a dozen more Ray’s Flies? It doesn’t matter. Let’s get after it.

Billy Mitchell

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