Weekend Warrior: The Lure Breakdown

Variety is the spice of life. That’s what they say, anyway. In the past few years, I’ve tried to downsize my collection to the lures that I know work. I had some lures sitting in Planos in my plug bag or on the boat that looked pretty but I knew deep down I would never throw. So, in the spirit of downsizing, I got organized and focused on lures that I know will catch fish, plain and simple. Somewhere along the way, the amount of tackle trays I keep on my person at any given time has doubled (tripled?). Here’s what we’re using this year aboard the Mal de Mer, on the kayak, and from shore.

Let me know in the comments what I’m missing from my collection.

You can find almost all of this stuff over at FISH Northeast.

Terminal tackle and jigheads
Hogy Barbarians, Bill Hurley Sand Eel, JoeBaggs, RonZ, Owner and VMC hooks
Epoxy Jigs, Small softball and Jigheads
Joebaggs, RonZ, Nomad, Hogy Epoxy Jig, Daiwa Zakana, Marble Lures
Topwater Lures 1
IslandX, Jumping’ Minnow, Hogy Dog Walker, Guppy, Yo Zuri
Softbaits small
Albie Snax, Hogy Pro Tails, Sluggos, FinS Fish
Softbaits, swimsuits, paddle tails
Hogy Pro Tail, Hogy Original, Bill Hurley, Al Gags
Daiwa SP Minnow, Magic Swimmer, Stik Shad, Mag Darter, Madd Mantis
Big ones
Docs, Talkin’ Popper, Daiwa Saltiga Dorado
Bill Hurley Sand Eels, JoeBaggs, Al Gags
Big Soft Plastics
Bill Hurley Squids, Hogy 13″, Game On
Tuna Hard Baits
Hogy Slider, Jack Fin, Nomad, Marble Lures
Tuna Softbaits
Hogy Pro Tail, Hogy Harness Jigs,
Guppy, Tsunami, Creek Chub
Tinman Tackle, JoeBaggs, Jecks
Bill Hurley Squid jig, Daiwa FK, Hogy Sand Eel, Shimano Flutter Jig
Billy Mitchell

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