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Weekend Warrior: Redemption Song

I come to you in better spirits on this fine Friday evening in July. It happened today. I swallowed my pride, traveled away from my usual haunts and fished a new area with Todd of Dupe a Fish and his buddy Chris. Well, folks, turns our it was a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good move. […]

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Jamie Howard talks ‘Running the Coast,’ Podcast

In this episode, we talk with Jamie Howard of Howard Films about his film, Running the Coast. We chat about the inception and process of creating the only film about stripers, the cast of characters he met along the way, and of course, the absurdity, insanity, and sleeplessness of the striper migration. Listen on Spotify […]

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Weekend Warrior: A different animal

The fall run is chaotic, fickle, wild, urgent. All of those adjectives and about a million more. Our fishing “runs” are typically predictable. There are patterns and templates to be followed. In the spring, we generally know, within a week or two, when and where the stripers will show up. During the doldrums, we have […]

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