Weekend Warrior: Let’s get back in the loop

You ever have a stretch of days during the season where you just feel completely and totally out of the loop? Yeah, that’s where we’re at as we round the bases in August of 2021, the year of our fish. Sure, I’ll contribute my lack of knowledge of recent trends to the fact that I haven’t been on the water in 8 (8!) days. But overall, I’m just finding this year to be incredibly random and all over the place. Trends have been tough to nail down. Fish are here one tide gone the next. Only three weeks ago, we had one of the best pushes of slot and larger size fish in the Three Bays than we’ve seen all year. And they were crushing topwater plugs and flies! Then they disappeared. They’re up then they’re down, they’re up then they’re down. Gon’ make me lose my mind.

Some housekeeping: The 7S Podcast is starting up again next week. Stop messaging me and demanding it (just kidding, I appreciate you letting me know you enjoy it. It actually acts as a bit of a deadline and makes me get these things done). First three episodes are going to be sweet. Don’t miss them. If you like the pod and the brand, buy a hat. Instant good fishy vibes.

The Report

Well the good news is, the start of the Fall Run (or whatever you want to call it, please don’t get mad at me all you summer children) is here. Tiny bait has been pouring out of the rivers, harbors and estuaries, and the stripers and blues, as they so often do in August and September, are crashing around on the surface under acres of birds. This is all good fun, yo. Grab your 7-weight or a light tackle spinning rod and go to town. Use tiny lures and flies or else you’re going to get frustrated quick. As this bait grows, the bites will get a bit easier. But for now, they’re finger-nail sized. Plan accordingly.

The canal got hot recently, and most seem to think the upcoming new moon will blow it up again. Who knows. As is the case, these fish moved into the bay in the deeper water. Boats have been getting them trolling deep swimmers and tube and worm rigs. If that’s not your jam, we may be able to find them pushing bait around Sagamore Beach down to Sandy neck in the next few weeks. I like to stay close to shore right around dawn and cruise the coastline looking for disturbances. This has accounted for some very large fish in the past few Augusts.

Speaking of that area in August, who’s ready for Bonito? We’re hearing about some around, but if they’re going to make another big appearance in CCB, now’s the time it’s going to happen. If they’re not showing on the surface, it’s best to troll smaller swimmers around until you locate them. When you get on them early without a billion boats around, the fishing can be ridiculous. Down in Buzzards Bay, the sounds, and at the Hooter, there have been sporadic bones caught, but it hasn’t blown up yet. It’s been a weird two years for them, so who knows if they’ll even show up

Albies: Coming Soon

Tuna fishing is all over the place. Reports were pretty good for middle bank and around the backside for rec sized fish. The vast majority of fish from East of Chatham, inside the Bay, and throughout the Bank has been fish 80″+. It’s been slow the past few days but should get real good around the new moon. I haven’t heard of a lights out bite out way East at the sword like there was last year, but you never know. Those tuna guys like to keep their mouth shut. I just hope we get some footballs running up the backside as we approach September. Then I’d be a happy boy.

The Plan

I have no idea what I’m planning to do this weekend. Seriously. Tuna? Search out bigger fish and blues across the Bay? Try and get a bend in the fly rod on a nice incoming tide in the Three Bays? Camp outside the East End like a doofus and try not to get caught by Canal Patrol? The world is our oyster this weekend.

Saturday looks like a decent day to head south and try and scrounge up what’s left of the footballs. By all accounts, the fishing really slowed down unless you run wayyyyy south below the Dump. There have been some whites up closer to the island, and you never know when a ridiculous blitz is going to surface, but around Block and the areas South West of us seems to be reigning king for the troll and jig bite. Not sure I want to burn a full tank of gas and find out.

Instead, you’ll probably find us around the three bay throwing flies to bass under terns. Intamediate line and a couple flatwings kid! Maybe a gurgler if the vibe is right. This time of year, a few 30″ fish like to mix into the micro feeds, which is always a fun time. We’ll be around Browns bank, Warren’s Cove, or down to Manomet. See you out there.

Billy Mitchell

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