Scott Schneider and Matt Stone talk Kayak Fishing, Podcast

In this episode, Scott Schneider and Matt Stone of Black Hall Outfitters and Old Town talk targeting big bass from the kayak, the Connecticut fishing scene, and each gives their top three lures for targeting bass throughout the year. We also talk about our Old Town rigs, how to outfit your kayaks for maximum safety and fish catching ability, and discuss when kayak fishing actually just turns into small boat fishing. Make sure to follow Matt and Scott on Instagram, and checkout the selection of Old Town Kayaks that Black Hall Outfitters has in stock right now. The fall run is here! Get out there.

We’re back to two episodes per month! We’ve got some great guests coming up to talk Fall Run and beyond. Make sure to subscribe and follow on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to these things.

This episode is sponsored by FISH Northeast

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