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Weekend Warrior: We back!

Surprise! Just like that, after an on-again-off-again winter, we’re back for another fishing season. The trout have been stocked in the ponds and rivers around the Cape. Largemouth are eating, getting ready to spawn. Pickerel and perch and bluegill are massacring your flies meant for trout. Oh, and by the way. The stripers may be […]

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Fish Thoughts: Truck Day and Countdown Season

The Pats won in a fashion that most likely had Bill Belichick VERY HAPPY well past the four-hour threshold. There’s your analysis. Last night scrolling through Twitter, adrenaline still pumping through my brain, someone tweeted a picture of a truck with a Sox logo on it. “Truck Day,” it said. What a stupid thing, I […]

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2018, 2019: Looking back, looking ahead

2018 was important for a few reasons. It’s been an eventful year, to say the least. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know we have a tendency to say this about every year on the 31st day of the twelfth month. But seriously, its been busy. In 2018, this weird little project called Seven Stripes Fishing was […]

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