Weekend Warrior: Don’t think Twice

Quick little update for you stripers fiends this Friday afternoon (what day is it, really?). We’ve reached the point in the spring run where making the decision as to where and when to pursue stripers can be panic inducing. We are paralyzed by the thought of choosing a spot and choosing wrong.

I’m feeling that FOMO effect full on this spring. Schools are spread out out along both sides of the Cape and throughout the Three Bays. And the only consistency we’ve had is their size class (20-24”) and how picky they are.

But I urge you, do what I’ve failed to do so far this season. Pick a spot, time, and strategy and stick to it. no second guessing. Here’s what we’ve found this week:

Photos by Brackish Flies

Fish are definitely around in Buzzards Bay—we’re just not seeing the bigger fish we thought we’d see yet. We found fish from the west end all the way down to Fairhaven. Cape side reports were good as well. They are mostly still picky about the tiny bait they’re eating, but we did witness some feeds on herring and other larger bait.

In the rivers, the bite has been spotty but some big fish have been pulled out. This is mostly happening around the few hours surrounding low tide, which is strange. Loud pencils and other plugs have been the best lure to throw.

We’re heading out tomorrow in search of some larger bass. We’ll be throwing big flies and spooks in fishy areas. See you out there.

Billy Mitchell

3 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior: Don’t think Twice

  1. Billy, Miss seeing you in Plymouth, but hope to head to Buzzard Bay when the Black Sea Bass come in strong!

    1. Hey Ron! We’ll be back in Plymouth soon enough. Our mooring isn’t in yet so we need to wait for that. I’m thinking June 1 we’ll be back in the Three Bays

  2. The low tide comment is spot-on, and is strange. The outgoing bite where I fish has been silent. Also strange. Let the games begin!

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