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Weekend Warrior: Blowin’ in the Wind

Kinda feels like the end, doesn’t it? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I keep getting the questions. Where are the fish going to be after the storm? Will it blow the migration out to sea? Scatter the bait? Push the concentration of bass from locations North down closer to the Cape? And to […]

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Miles and miles: The urgency of the Fall Run

We covered some miles this weekend. And we found life almost everywhere we looked. Both days felt very fall-ish, which is not a feeling I can really describe, except to say that the days are getting noticeable shorter, work is getting busier, and the fish (bass blues and bones) are getting hungrier. These conditions do […]

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Fish Thoughts: Truck Day and Countdown Season

The Pats won in a fashion that most likely had Bill Belichick VERY HAPPY well past the four-hour threshold. There’s your analysis. Last night scrolling through Twitter, adrenaline still pumping through my brain, someone tweeted a picture of a truck with a Sox logo on it. “Truck Day,” it said. What a stupid thing, I […]

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Paul from Lo-Fli, Seven Stripes Podcast

In this interview, we chat with Paul Osimo, creator of the Lo-Fli Fishing System. Over a couple pops, we talk about fly fishing minimalism and being innovative in an industry that doesn’t exactly react to change well. The Lo-Fli kickstarter can be found here, and will end on December 26th. Follow Low-Fli on Instagram @lo_fli, […]

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Accidental Stripers: Chaos, but the good kind

She must have taken the deceiver as it dropped unattended through the water column–some 30 pounds of Cape Cod spring-run striper. A big bass, the kind I was after, had engulfed all three trebles of Capt. Bill’s plug. ‘I can’t see the hook points anymore’, he tells me, pulling her up onto the gunnels. ‘I […]

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Weekend Warrior: It’s quiet…too quiet

While it may not feel like it, it’s September. And this week, the fishing was…well, actually kind of slow. But that’s okay. Our Fall run is coming. We just have to stick with it. Both Bays are loaded with bait and we’ve got the new moon coming this weekend. Temps will be dropping drastically. Reports […]

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