Report: “Be the fish” and introducing the first annual Seven Stripes Fishing Tournament

The fishing was unbelievable this weekend for Johnny Mack’s bachelor party. We caught countless monster albies, a couple trophy barracudas (Chuckie Humpback is getting his mounted) and Johnny even caught…you guessed it, a 28-inch mackerel. King mackerel, that is.



In case you don’t follow us on Instagram, we were in fact in Miami last weekend. And while we didn’t hook into any stripers (or strippers), we had a good time dancing with the aforementioned pelagics. Sean even managed a menage a trois with two albies on one line, solidifying his nickname as “Seanie Two-Fish.”


My big takeaway? Albie? Not that bad to eat. It was actually delicious. Big thanks to Capt. Manny and First Mate Bottomed-out Billy for a great day.



On Sunday, after the rest of the boys bounced, Sean and I took the Toyota Sienna down to Biscayne Key to see if we could get into any DIY Bonefish. We got skunked, but at least we looked good doing it (and only got kicked off of one beach). IMG_5638


Back to stripers

So, that was the weekend. I did get some good reports of stripers in the canal, both East and West End and all the way down to Scorton. The cool thing is, they were on top chasing tinker mackerel. This is what the August new moon does. A bunch of the fish went back into the canal during the Ebb tide, but they should be hanging around the East End again fairly soon.


Last week, we fished Plymouth Bay in late afternoon and got into some nice topwater feeds. Most of the fish were small but Captain Bill hooked into a beautiful 34″ on a Guppy in two feet of water.


I’ll touch on this more in the Weekend Warrior, but we’re going to hopefully start seeing more of this. Cooler nights should mean cool surface temps enough, which should give us some great topwater action.

I’m hearing the cuts and guzzles of the the Three Bays have stayed hot through the new moon. I’ll be getting out there on Thursday to investigate.

Seven Stripes Fishing Tournament, or, “The Johnny Mack ‘Cuda Classic”

This Saturday will mark the first ever Seven Stripes Fishing tourney. The grand prize will go to the single heaviest striper caught and there will be a team prize for the heaviest three stripers per boat. Entry is only $20 bucks per person and we’ve got some sweet prizes (big thanks to Wayne from Guppy Lures). If you’re interested in participating, shoot me a message using the “Charter” contact form above.


I get the feeling this one is going to be contentious. If you hear lots of ball busting over channel 68 in Cape Cod Bay, you know it’s us.


Podcast coming this week with Bassmaster Elite Series Angler, Chad Pipkins

I’m pumped about this one. You should be too. We’ve got an awesome bass fisherman (24th in the Angler of the Year standings) coming on to talk about life in the Bassmaster Elite Tour. This pod should be posted tomorrow or Thursday.

That’ll do it. Let’s go out and catch a few. And if all else fails: Be. The. Fish.

Billy Mitchell

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