2018, 2019: Looking back, looking ahead

2018 was important for a few reasons. It’s been an eventful year, to say the least. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know we have a tendency to say this about every year on the 31st day of the twelfth month. But seriously, its been busy. In 2018, this weird little project called Seven Stripes Fishing was born. And somehow, it’s growing and people actually seem to like it. They seem interested in our mediocre, sometimes ill-fated, sometimes boring fishing adventures.

In all seriousness, I’m incredibly grateful to everyone for their support. To the OGs who have liked every post from the start. The core Seven Stripes team, who always loads the boat with snacks and beer and mackerel. Capt Bill for the comic relief (Grundens, sea pickle, dock dive). And especially Gelany, Mrs. Stripes, who somehow decided she still wanted to marry me, even though she barely sees me from May through September. Actually, she probably prefers this. Seven Stripes would not exist without ya’ll.


The top 10 moments of 2018 countdown

Check out the Insta (@sevenstripesfishing) as we round out the top 10 fishing moments from 2018. Number one will drop tonight. (Find our Instagram to the right of this page). To review:

10. Weight-gate at the First Annual Seven Stripes Tourney
9. First wave of the migration in the River
8. Late Fall Holdover Brown Trout
7. The bluefish finally show
6. Race Point once-in-a-season blitz
5. Sean’s pursuit of his first striper on the fly
4. Johnny King Mackerel
3. Humpback Whales come say “Hi”
2. Bonito in Cape Cod Bay
1. ????????? (any guesses?)

Fishing-wise, 2018 was an excellent year. But like BB would say, we’re on to ’19.

Looking ahead to 2019
I’m telling you right now that 2019 is going to be the year for Seven Stripes. Big things are coming. Full fishing resolution list coming, but here’s the plan for Seven Stripes in 2019.

We’re going to fish. A lot. 
We just bought a new boat. Let’s put some hours on the Yammys. Let’s get some miles on the waders. Let’s break a few more fly rods and personal bests. Our plan is to fish more than we ever have.

South Shore Small Business Fishing Expo
Catch us at the New England Small Business Fishing Show in Taunton on March 16th. Chat with us about fishing, book a charter, buy some merch. Should be a fun time. Information and tickets can be found here.

I made a mysterious post a few weeks ago about a podcast announcement. This is still coming…but I can’t talk about it yet. It’s HUGE news. Stay tuned for this. Got a person or company we should interview for the podcast? Let us know. Make sure to subscribe to the Seven Stripes Podcast on iTunes here. 

More How-To Content
This wasn’t my goal when I started this thing, but you guys seem to like the how-to stuff. Check out our last post for a schedule of how-to articles coming in the next few weeks.

Interns wanted
We’re looking for interns to help with social, written and video content. Wanna come hang with the team and make some sweet content while fishing? Shoot us a message!

Charters and guide service
Getting heavy into the charter game this season. These will be more of a “teaching” charter or guide service, compared to your typical trip. We’re flexible, too. If you don’t see the type of trip you’re interested in, let us know. We’ll hook you up.

Video Content
We need to do a better job of getting you guys our sweet video. We’re working on this.



That’ll do it for the first year of Seven Stripes. Stay safe tonight. We’ll see you out on the water…next year.

Billy Mitchell

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