Quick Report: Schoolies in Plymouth, expecting keepers this weekend

Here’s a Friday quickie, which you know means I caught some fish last night.

I took the skiff to the boat, battling raging seas in the harbor (just kidding, although I did get splashed a few times) and headed out of the harbor at close-to high tide.

The bay was a mess with chop and white caps. Some terns flew ahead by Bug Light, and dove a few times, but we weren’t marking any fish.

After cruising the Bay, we spotted a large mass of birds working closer to shore. As we got closer, it was apparent there were stripers feeding. You could hear the tails slapping the water.


We threw 1-oz swimbaits into the mix and I immediately hooked up–the first fish of the year for the Mal de Mer. This spunky 22″ striper ended up being the biggest of the night.


But that was okay. We caught as many micros as we wanted, and headed in as the sun went behind Cordage.


It’s good to be back chasing schoolies in Plymouth again. Back at it at dawn tomorrow.


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